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Derek Smith 2023-09-15 19:52:15 -04:00
parent 3f15800635
commit 559d5f11f4
Signed by: farscapian
GPG Key ID: B443E530A14E1C90

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@ -12,16 +12,16 @@ if lxc list -q --project default | grep -q "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" ; then
# let's download our base image.
if ! lxc image list --format csv --columns l | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
if ! lxc image list --format csv --columns l --project default | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
# copy the image down from canonical.
lxc image copy "images:$BASE_LXC_IMAGE" "$REMOTE_NAME": --alias "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME" --public --vm --auto-update --target-project default
# If the lxc VM does exist, then we will delete it (so we can start fresh)
if lxc list --format csv -q | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
if lxc list --format csv -q --project default | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
# if there's no snapshot, we dispense with the old image and try again.
if ! lxc info "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
lxc delete "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" --force
if ! lxc info "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" --project default | grep -q "$UBUNTU_BASE_IMAGE_NAME"; then
lxc delete "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" --force --project default
ssh-keygen -f "$SSH_HOME/known_hosts" -R "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME"
@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ else
# done
# done
if lxc info "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" | grep -q "Status: RUNNING"; then
if lxc info "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" --project default | grep -q "Status: RUNNING"; then
while lxc exec "$BASE_IMAGE_VM_NAME" --project default -- [ ! -f /var/lib/cloud/instance/boot-finished ]; do
sleep 1