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set -eu
cd "$(dirname "$0")"
if ! lxc remote get-default | grep -q "local"; then
lxc remote switch "local"
# if the mgmt machine doesn't exist, then warn the user to perform ./
if ! lxc list --format csv | grep -q "ss-mgmt"; then
echo "ERROR: the management machine VM does not exist. You probably need to run './'."
echo "INFO: check out for more information."
# if the machine does exist, let's make sure it's RUNNING.
if lxc list --format csv | grep -q "ss-mgmt,STOPPED"; then
echo "INFO: The management machine was in a STOPPED state. Starting the environment. Please wait."
lxc start ss-mgmt
sleep 30
. ./management/
wait-for-it -t 300 "$IP_V4_ADDRESS:22" > /dev/null 2>&1
# let's ensure ~/.ssh/ssh_config is using the correct IP address for ss-mgmt.
ssh ubuntu@"$IP_V4_ADDRESS"